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8 Reasons to Travel to Washington State Post COVID

Due to COVID-19, travel and doing touristy things came to a standstill. There are certain restrictions currently as well, but that doesn’t stop you from mentally deciding which place to go to next. Why not travel to Washington State?

Washington has a lot to offer and there can be an endless list of what you will love but we have compiled eight reasons to visit this state the next time you travel!

1. Majestic Mountains

The State of Washington is home to several majestic mountains - Mount Rainier, Mount Adams, Mount Baker. Each of these peaks offer breathtaking views and make you feel so close to nature. To make it more adventurous, some of the mountains are volcanoes too.

2. Coffee, Coffee Everywhere

Fun fact! Coffe is the Official State Drink, and Starbucks was born in this state. Should we even say more? Pick Starbucks or a local coffee shop! You will love this beverage everywhere in Washington State. It would be a good idea to make a list of the best coffee shops in the state.

Picture Credit: Wikimedia

3. Beer and Wine

Breweries and vineyards, Washington has the best of both worlds. It is the second-biggest wine state in America and the largest producer of hops, an ingredient used in many beers. That is not all, Eastern Washington has the best weather for growing grapes, and therefore, the grapes produced are of high-quality.

Picture Credit: Wikimedia Commons

4. Outdoor Activities

The wide variety of terrain and the weather that Washington offers are perfect for outdoor activities. Winter or summer, name the activity, and you can try them all. Hiking, camping, surfing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, sledding, and more. Outdoor enthusiasts, you will be in for a treat here.

Photo Credit: Brooke Hoyer

5. Whale watching

If you love watching whales, you can visit the San Juan Islands and spot them along with some other marine mammals. Whales can be seen all year round, but the best time to go is between May to September. You can even visit a whale museum on the Islands.

6. National Parks

Are you looking to spend time with nature? Then, Washington has several national parks you can visit where you can witness some spectacular landscapes. There is the North Cascades National Park, the Olympic National Park, the Mount Rainier National Park and each one of them have their own personality. You must visit the Olympic National Park that has a waterfall, river and even a rainforest.

7. Apples

Washington is the largest apple-producing state in America! You will find a variety of juiciest and the tastiest apples. You can buy them at a grocery store or pick fresh apples from the farm.

Picture Credit: Washington State Department of Agriculture

8. Sea Food

Washington state’s coastline is the biggest reason that you can get some best quality seafood products. For fresh fish, visit Pike Place Market, try the smoked salmon chowder at Ivar’s, fish and chips at Seattle Fish Company. We can go on naming the best places, but there are too many!

Picture Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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