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5 Things to Do in Washington State That Your Kids Will Enjoy

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Planning a trip to Washington along with your kid? Don’t look for places that they will love, we have done that for you already! Here are six things they will love to do in Washington State.

1. Children's Museum of Walla Walla, Walla Walla

A visit to the children’s museum is fun but is a great learning session too. The museum encourages them to play roles and explore their creative side. They can learn to cook in the kitchen, learn to farm, or play seasonal themed activities.

Picture Credit: Children's Museum of Walla Walla

2. Boeing Future of Flight, Mukilteo, WA

Your children will absolutely love this! 30 miles away from Seattle in Mukilteo is the Boeing Future of Flight where the entire family can enjoy a tour of life-size planes up close. Not just that, you can also watch the assembly of Boeing flights at the Everett factory.

Picture Credit: Jetstar Airways (jetstar.com), via Wikimedia Commons

3. Reindeer Farm, Leavenworth WA

Ask your kids if they would like to touch and meet the Christmas favorite, Reindeer? Obviously, they would! This is a great place to visit to feel the festive vibes. Other than petting and feeding the Reindeer, you can enjoy a hot chocolate along with marshmallows.

Picture Credit: Leavenworth Reindeer Farm

4. Whale Watching Excursion, San Juan Islands, WA

A knowledge-filled activity not just for the children but also adults! Take a whale-watching tour at the San Juan Islands where you can spot different species of whales and teach them about marine life. If you do spot any whales, tell your children how lucky they are.

5. Mobius Science Center, Spokane, WA

If your child hates science, this is a great way to turn that opinion around. Take them to Mobius Science Center to show them how interesting science can be. They can even learn about Topography, Economics, Electricity and more! A trip to this center will keep wanting them to learn more!

Picture Credit- Mobius Discovery Facebook Page

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