The Great


Balloon Rally

September 21, 24, and 25, 2021



Hot Air Balloons take to the sky at The Great Prosser Balloon Rally. The balloons are scheduled to launch at sunrise from the Prosser Washington Airport (111 Nunn Road). Launches are WEATHER PERMITTING, depending upon rain and wind. We will post on our Facebook the status of launches each morning.


Balloon Pilots from all over the Northwestern United States will join in Prosser, Washington to participate in the Great Prosser Balloon Rally. Spectators are encouraged to arrive early (about 6:15 am) at the Prosser Airport to watch the pilots prepare the giant balloons. Some lucky spectators are even asked to assist the balloon pilots to inflate, chase, and recover the Hot-Air-Balloons. Don't forget your camera! You too may be able to capture a beautiful photo.


1230 Bennett Ave Prosser, WA 99350